6:00 PM – 8:00 PM  |  Welcome Desk and Pre-Registration
7:00 AM  |  Registration & Breakfast
 8:00 AM  |  Welcome & Introduction - Mark Fitzjerrells, Cottingham & Butler
8:45 AM |  Incident Investigation - Getting the Facts Straight - Sarah Olson & Justin Smoot, Safety Management Services Co. (SMSC)
9:30 AM |  Reimagining Driver Training - Mark Murrell, CarriersEdge
9:45 AM |  Break
10:00 AM |  Breakout Session A (options are listed below)
11:00 AM |  Breakout Session B (options are listed below)
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM  |  Buffet Lunch and Vendor Networking
1:10 PM  |  Breakout Session C (options are listed below)
2:00 PM |  Break
2:20 PM |  Data Driven Retention - Dirk Kupar, TruckRight
2:40 PM |  Leading People Safely - Brian Fielkow, Jetco Delivery
4:15 PM |  Safety Award Recognition
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM  |  Networking Reception
7:00 AM  |  Buffet Breakfast
8:00 AM  |  Generational Messaging - Michael Kelly, HealthCheck360
9:00 AM  |  Captive Best Practices - Rich Moldstad & John Flanagan, SMSC
10:00 AM  |  Break
10:15 AM  |  Ergonomic Solutions for the Real World - Rich Molstad & Todd Amundson, SMSC
11:00 AM  |  Deposition by Attorneys - Tim Sullivan, Heather Stover & Richard Maselli, Ogden Sullivan
11:45 AM  |  Announcements 
12:00 PM  |  Buffet Lunch
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM  | Individual Sessions for Each Captive Group
BRIL - Chad Hoppenjan, SMSC
CSIL - Michael Miller & Todd Amundson, SMSC
Safe Trucking/Diamond - Matt Montgomery, SMSC
STIL/Pursuit - Rich Molstad, SMSC
Security - Sarah Olson & Ryan Howell, SMSC
3:00 PM  |  Adjourn



Breakout Session A Options

Keys to Success on Roadside Inspections

Presented by: John Flanagan, SMSC

Wondering what it is that inspectors are giving the most attention during a road side inspection of commercial motor vehicles?  If so, then this is the session for you.  Help your drivers and maintenance staff focus on these key areas before the rubber hits the road!

Surviving an OSHA Inspection

Presented by: Todd Amundson, SMSC

Fearful of answering the phone and hearing that OSHA is at your door?  Attend this session and learn more about the 3 steps to an OSHA onsite inspection.  Techniques and first-hand experiences will also be shared to ease your concerns should OSHA show up unannounced.

Integrated Risk Management Client Portal for Claims Management

Presented by: Adam Reuter, CBCS

Preview the new CBCS Integrated Risk Management client portal that will provide greater visibility of your Workers' Compensation and Auto Liability claims.  Learn about new interactive analytic tools that will allow you to make data-driven decisions to help reduce claim frequency and severity.

Techniques to Managing Slips and Falls

Presented by: Justin Smoot & Michael Miller, SMSC

Slip and fall claims are a leading cause of Workers' Compensation claims for both frequency and severity.  Covering all type of slips and falls, this session will help you to address the training and tools you can provide your employees to keep them upright and moving!

CBCS - An Overview of Your Claims Provider

Presented by: Dustin Lucas & Cody Burger, CBCS

Get a better understanding of the services that CBCS offers to our clients in order to help them gain a competitive advantage in the claims space.  Tenured Auto Liability and Worker's Compensation Supervisors will present on CBCS's Best Practices, how we service the captive, and how we add value to the captive for our clients!

Breakout Session B Options

Are My Driver Qualification Files in Order?

Presented by: Rich Molstad, SMSC

Does my driver need a driver qualification file?  What information needs to be stored in that file?  How long do I need to keep these documents in the file?  These questions and many more will be addressed in the Driver Qualification File discussion.

OSHA Recordability vs. Work Comp Compensability

Presented by: Sarah Olson, SMSC

Aren't all work comp claims OSHA recordables?  How about all OSHA recordables - shouldn't these be work comp claims?  Come to this session to learn the differences in recordkeeping between these two systems.  The exceptions to the rule will be covered, along with examples from captive members over the past few years. 

Anatomy of a Lawsuit and Impact of the Legal System on Claim Resolution

Presented by: Cody Burger, CBCS

Why does my claims adjuster recommend that we assign an attorney on a particular case?  What do i do in the event that I/we are served with a lawsuit?  What should I expect from the overall legal process from the time we are served through resolution of the case?  This session will help attendees better understand their litigated files, the procedural process behind auto liability defense, and the reasoning behind the legal strategy for their case files. 

Distracted Driving

Presented by: Justin Smoot, SMSC

Distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,166 lives in 2017 alone.  Get the faces, get involved, and help keep your drivers and the motor public safe!

SMSC - Who Are They and How Can They Help?

Presented by: Ryan Howell, SMSC

SMSC is not only your source for Transportation Safety Assessment and Gap Assessment evaluations, they are also your partner in all aspects of safety and compliance.  Are you utilizing them to their fullest capabilities?  Learn more about what SMSC has to offer to reduce your injuries and crashes as well as to increase your compliance whether on the road or in the facility!

Breakout Session C Options

Are Your Drivers Out of Hours?

Presented by: Del Shannon, SMSC

Hours-of-Service regulations are constantly changing.  Make sure you are aware of the current rules and proposed changes!

Industrial Hygiene Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Presented by: Michael Miller, SMSC

Ever wondered if that weld smoke is something to be concerned about?  Is the noise too loud in this area?  Are your employees going to develop some form of illness because of a work exposure?  Attend this session and learn the basics to identifying potential hazards while learning what you can do and when to call an expert.

Best Practices in Worker's Compensation for Employers

Presented by: Rich Moldstad, SMSC

Getting a win in Worker's Compensation is hard enough with the court systems today.  But there are things that can be done to fight what may at times seem like an uphill battle.  This session will focus on setting up internal Worker's Compensation policies and implementing an effective Worker's Compensation program so that, when claims are filed, the processes and procedures are set to ensure a successful claims experience. 

Using Safety Technologies to Reduce Collisions

Presented by: John Flanagan, SMSC

Adaptive cruise control, lane departure technologies, stability control, video event recorders - these are just a few of the technologies available to fleets to prevent accidents and identify and correct unsafe behaviors.  Learn more about these technologies and discuss how to use them to make your fleet safer.

The Captive Advantage

Presented by: Mark Fitzjerrells, Cottingham & Butler

If you want to learn more about what a captive group is, how they operate, and the benefit of participating in one, then this is the session for you.  We will dive into the value of captive ownership, review the mechanics (how they work), and take a closer look at the 26-year track record that C&B has in partnering with 9 different group captives.