Through his 25 years of business leadership and firsthand experiences as owner of Jetco Delivery, Brian Fielkow, J.D., offers a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture. He has developed a proven formula with hands-on tools that directly ties a company's culture to its bottom line by empowering employees, managing and driving change, and distinguishing between values and priorities.”


President | TruckRight

Dirk and his wife Lisa are habitual entrepreneurs, with over 30 years of owning businesses in the transportation industry. They began their careers as owner-operators and have continued their love affair with trucking ever since. Their latest venture, TruckRight, has given them the opportunity to work with some truly innovative fleets and learn the best practices that help these fleets navigate the current industry climate.



President | CarriersEdge

Mark Murrell is the co-founder of CarriersEdge and co-creator of the Best Fleets to Drive For program. A veteran of the education technology industry, Mark has delivered training and performance improvement solutions to more than 3 million people at companies around the world, in industry sectors as diverse as transportation, mining, manufacturing, finance, hi-tech, retail, and government services.

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Senior Vice President, Captives & Programs | Cottingham & Butler

Mark Fitzjerrells is the Senior Vice President of Cottingham & Butler’s Captive Services. As the Senior Vice President of Captives, Mark’s biggest priority is finding value for the clients of Cottingham & Butler in group insurance programs.

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CDS, CDT Senior Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

Matt has been a Safety Consultant for SMSC since 2003. He has extensive knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance standards, as well as workers’ compensation and auto liability cost containment strategies.

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Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

Sarah specializes in safety leadership training and risk solutions for the manufacturing industry focusing on engaging management in leadership behaviors to continuously improve safety cultures.

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CDS, Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

Rich Moldstad is an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant for Safety Management Services Company. Rich is a very motivated individual with 26 years of transportation safety and loss-prevention experience. Rich has extensive experience assisting motor carriers in the areas of DOT regulatory compliance, training program development, driver hiring and retention, OSHA compliance, fleet accident/injury-reduction and development of innovative loss-reduction safety campaigns. 

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Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

Todd is a Certified Safety Professional, Occupational Safety and Health Consultant for Safety Management Services Company of Cottingham and Butler, specializing in food service, construction and heavy industrial industries. He has over 14 years of experience in the General Industry field from heavy manufacturing to food processing and Construction Industry with residential and commercial construction experience.

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Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

John Flanagan is a Safety Consultant for Safety Management Services Company, a division of Cottingham & Butler, Inc. John’s work experience covers 35+ years in the motor carrier industry, and includes 10 years’ experience as an Owner-Operator and more than two decades additional experience as Safety and Fleet Manager. John has extensive knowledge of Driver training, having also served as Adjunct Faculty at Baker College Center for Transportation Technology for 13 years.

Ryan Howell.jpg


Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

As a Safety Consultant, Ryan is responsible for providing on-site consultations, conducting risk surveys, providing safety training, and coordinating loss control programs in all lines of Property/Casualty coverages for clients and prospects. Ryan has extensive knowledge of OSHA compliance standards as well as workers’ compensation cost containment strategies.

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CSS, CDT Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

Justin has been a safety consultant with Cottingham & Butler since 2014. His responsibilities include consulting with regards to OSHA and DOT/FMCSA/PHMSA compliance and establishment of loss prevention programs. Justin’s assignments include conducting comprehensive risk evaluations, industrial hygiene surveys, mock OSHA and FMCSA compliance reviews, and facility inspections.

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Safety Consultant | Safety Management Services Company (SMSC)

Mike specializes in technical training and risk solutions for the manufacturing and construction industries- having provided services for many companies such as Hormel, Cargill, Flexsteel, Greif, and Advanced Drainage Systems.

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Vice President | HealthCheck360

As the Vice President, Michael works with clients to develop and implement wellness and health management programs to meet their specific needs, culture, and to enhance their existing benefit structure. Part of Michael’s role is to help analyze population health on the client and total population level to communicate return on investment, reductions in health risks, and program design.



Attorney | Ogden Sullivan

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